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If you’re in need of experts in pet dermatology in Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, you’ve found the right place. The GCVS Dermatology Service provides a comprehensive approach to skin and ear disorders of dogs and cats. At GCVS, we understand that each pet’s dermatologic condition is different, and we take the time to understand both the client and their special patient.


If your pet experiences…

  • Chronic and/or Recurrent Skin or Ear Infections
  • Chronic Itching or Allergic Reactions
  • Hair Loss or Poor Coat Quality
  • Unusual Skin Lesions or Masses
  • Changes in Pigmentation of the Skin or Hair Coat
  • Recurrent, Draining, or Non-healing Skin Wounds or Ulcers

A visit with a Board-Certified Veterinary Dermatologist may help.


At GCVS, we offer a full range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Digital Otoscopic Evaluation for high definition evaluation of the ear canal and portions of the middle ear cavities
  • Intradermal and Serologic Allergy Testing
  • Custom-made Allergy Vaccines for home administration
  • On-site CT (Computed Tomography) Imaging
  • Skin biopsies for Histopathologic Evaluation
  • On-site Diagnostic Cytology Services
  • Bacterial Cultures of the Skin and Ear
  • Fungal Cultures, Serology and/or PCR Testing
  • Therapeutic Laser Treatments
  • Fluorescent Light Therapy
  • Screening for Genetic Dermatoses
  • Acute or Chronic Wound Care


Did you know…?

  • There are currently only ~300 ACVD Board-Certified Veterinary Dermatologists worldwide.
  • Members of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology (ACVD), also known as “Board-Certified Veterinary Dermatologists,” have studied the skin and ear disorders of animals for 3-4 years beyond the standard courses taught in veterinary schools.
  • By going through focused training, original research, and challenging examinations, Veterinary Dermatologists gain valuable experience and expertise. Pet dermatology in Greater Cincinnati looks to study and treat a wide variety of skin and ear disorders ranging from allergies, immune-mediated diseases, infectious diseases, and cancers.
  • Board-Certified Dermatologists also receive advanced training in Comparative Dermatology, Internal Medicine, Immunology, and Allergy.


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