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At Greater Cincinnati Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services, we offer a large variety of services and categories for you and your pet. If you are looking for something you don’t see listed, give us a call! We love to talk to pet owners and learn how to better your experience. 


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Greater Cincinnati Veterinary Specialists, or GCVS, as we are also known, is a referral hospital for veterinary specialists that also provides urgent care doctors and staff for after hours care. 

When is it time to see a Veterinary Specialist?


You may want to schedule an appointment with a Veterinary Specialist when…


  • Your pet’s health condition has not been explained or has received an inconclusive diagnosis
  • Your pet’s condition is not responding to the current treatment plan
  • Your pet’s condition requires additional expertise or advanced training
  • Your pet’s condition requires advanced diagnostic testing or treatment
  • Your pet requires 24 hour medical supervision by a trained and experienced staff
  • You are seeking a neutral second opinion regarding your pet’s diagnosis or treatment plan
  • Your veterinarian recommends referral for advanced assessment and care


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Appointments with veterinary specialists can be made by contacting us at 859-209-6560

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